The Big Hop - Part 2 - Big Hand Brewing

So, onto part two of our little beer odyssey… Big Hand Brewing, based on the outskirts of Wrexham. A relatively short spin from our first stop of Frodsham Brewery, at a little over 20 miles away.

We can safely say there's lovely cycling to be had around these parts as the majority of the next 10 miles or so was up and down (vertically speaking, not emotionally) some great countryside which joins this part of Cheshire with North Wales. 

With the sun putting in a stirling appearance, we made good time - good enough to stop in Tarvin for a bit of ride fuel, before cracking on the last push into Wrexham.

Big Hand Brewing is based on Redwither Business Park, and is family owned and run by uncle and nephew team David Shaw and Andy Benson. In sole charge of the 10bbl set-up in David's absence was Andy, who showed us round the brewery before we set up ready for the interview. Joining him to greet us was James from Axiom - there to guide us to his brewery afterwards (or maybe to hear our questions so he was ready for them when his turn came!)  We were treated to samples (between us!) of a few of their fine beers - Epsilon,  Zeta, King's Bane and 11 Knights amongst others, before it was down to the task of putting our questions to Andy.

On a side note, Big Hand have recently started opening up the brewery running monthly 'Weekend Wind Down' events where several of their beers are on tap - check their Facebook page for updates as to when these are. Additionally, they are also taking part in the upcoming Wrexham Ale Trail, which looks like a great event - 13 pub stops (one of which is the brewery), and all by bus!

David at the bar (image courtesy of Big Hand Brewing)

David at the bar (image courtesy of Big Hand Brewing)

David and Andy (image courtesy of Big Hand Brewing)

David and Andy (image courtesy of Big Hand Brewing)

Time to hand over to Andy to tell you more about the brewery. For those less interested in footage of us trundling around the countryside, the interview starts at 2.00.

GPX file - which covers the route to Frodsham through to Wrexham is available here.

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Next up - Axiom Brewing, Wrexham

The Big Hop - Part 1 - Frodsham Brewery

With us having mainly covered breweries local to us so far on the blog, we decided a few months back that a good plan may be to identify places a little further afield and combine several visits into bumper editions done over a few days.

So, although it's been a little while in the planning (let me tell you, it's logistically a lot of fun trying to arrange suitable days and times between breweries, along with ride times and stopovers!), here's our first 'Big Hop'.

This one has us meeting the folk of Frodsham Brewery, Big Hand Brewing, Axiom Brewing and Cwrw Ial Brewery, and entailed a 150 mile round trip through Cheshire and into the Welsh borders.

First up is Frodsham Brewery, a beautifully located micro nestled up on the hill just on the outskirts of Frodsham, run by Barrie Davidson and his wife Hazel. The 10bbl kit is used to produce some 17 different beers, all of which were available from the brewery shop - what a shame we were cycling!

After our chat, Barrie showed us round the brewery, before insisting we had a third of a pint of 'Danny', a lovely golden ale brewed to raise funds for the restoration of a steam tug boat named 'Daniel Adamson' - more information on that here

We'll definitely be heading back - it's well worth a visit if you are in the area! 

As ever, it's over to the brewer himself now to give you the lowdown on Frodsham Brewery, so enough of our yakking...


GPX file - which covers the route to Frodsham through to Wrexham is availble here.

Soundtrack - Anitek 'Strange Sensations'

Next up - Big Hand Brewing, Wrexham


Blackedge Brewery

Well, Episode 13. Unlucky for some.

It had to run out sometime. Up until now, on the whole the weather has been pretty good to us for these visits. Not that we mind a bit of rain, but it doesn't make for the best of ride footage and, like we've mentioned before, standing in a brewery in wet gear isn't ideal.

It definitely doesn't make for the best ride footage when you discover that the camera hasn't been working all the way there - so even if we did want to show you the rainy journey, complete with all the weather on the lens, we couldn't. Ah well.

On a more positive note, it was a pleasure to be welcomed in by Shaun on our arrival to Blackedge Brewery in Horwich. You can pretty much guarantee if we've arranged to meet a brewer on a Saturday, they are going to be busy brewing or trying to crack on with something that didn't get done during the week. So for Shaun, (who was holding down his day job as well as keeping the brewery ticking over whilst brewery partner Wayne took a well earned holiday) to take the time for us to quiz him with our questions was very generous of him indeed.



Blackedge have a great little set up tucked away in a unit off Chorley New Road. Shaun informed us that they are moving to larger premises just across the yard soon to enable them to make more of the Tottering Temple (watch the video for more about that) and give them some breathing space for the 5bbl kit they run.

As usual, we'll let the brewer do the talking now - over to Shaun to enlighten you on all things Blackedge...


The ride was a direct, soggy route to Horwich along the A6. Here's the GPX file, should you be feeling masochistic enough to want to take a ride that way.

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Cheshire Brewhouse

It's been a while coming, this visit to Cheshire Brewhouse. We've been in conversation with Shane since the end of last year about getting over to visit him at the brewery, but with him potentially moving premises (now expanding into the unit next door instead) and a few false starts in trying to combine the visit to him with other breweries in that direction, it took until the end of last month to actually pin down a date.

As it was we gauged the weather well and the sun shone on us all the way from our Glossop starting point right through to the brewery on the outskirts of Congleton. It was quite a ride – a 100k round trip – but Shane made it very worthwhile, entertaining, educating and enlightening us for a good 3 hours. 

He's rightly very proud of his kit - an impressive 5bbl set up, which is shortly to double in size to 10bbl. As seems to be the case with many of the brewers we've met, Shane has an engineering background and it shows with his resourcefulness in the unique build and operation of his brewing set up - it's definitely not an off the peg bit of kit. Although squeezed in to the one unit at the moment, once the brewery utilises the adjacent space we get the feeling there'll be no stopping him!

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 14.47.30.png

If you're not familiar with Cheshire Brewhouse's beers (err, what planet have you been living on?), Shane produces some of the most balanced and easy drinking brews out there. Particular favourites are Cheshire Gap, a very tasty and floral 3.7% pale ale and Engine Vein, a beautiful copper coloured best bitter coming in at 4.2%. Such is the popularity of these two from his core range that he brews them on a weekly basis. Listen out for information on what other beery delights Shane creates at the end of our video with him.

So, after a quick change into his iconic CB red and black darts shirt, we settled into the upstairs bar area in the brewery over a pint of Cheshire Gap and fired up the camera and put our interview questions to him...

Ride GPX is available here. We went from Chisworth near Glossop through to Congleton via Marple, Poynton, Pott Shrigley, Macclesfield and Gawsworth.

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